Fonts : AlterGlam Elegant Extended Font

Actually, I did not plan to make this font. At first I did for my wife a regular sans-serif font. After that, I decided to change it a bit - to slightly increase the vertical stems and reduce the horizontal ones. I like it. I made 10 variants this way. A little thought, I also made Italic variants. So this cute font appeared
Layered font set 3D Bulblamp images/promo_Bulblamp_1_3.jpg
Beebzz fun kidzz font images/_cover.jpg
Nightlife Decorative Neon Font images/promo_Nightlife_1.jpg
Artnoova images/artnoova_artdeco_modern_font-1-0.jpg
Alterhard Condensed Strict Font images/promo_alterhard_1.jpg
Cattyfox fresh & superfunny font images/0_promo_foxcat-font-brush-script-free_DB_1.jpg
Hand drawn script font. Beaverist images/beaverist_cute_font_1.jpg

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